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i believe.

I don't miss mormonism, misfit mormonism or any aspect of that existence. At all.

went to some church social events through the month of december and it was good food, but the same out of place feeling. its not that i have a problem with the doctrine, or some random member has offended me - no i have problem with finding a validating reason to continue attending meetings and gatherings where i do not feel comfortable with the people in attendance. misfit mormon was a temporary fix for this, but the fact is with misfit mormon, you still are a mormon. i believe in God, but get sick of hearing Jesus this and Jesus that consistently. i believe in myself now. maybe that is not valid enough for the many, but it is valid for me at this point.

i don't care to engage in doctrinal discussions on the Church on this matter or to be told i am going to hell. no, i just want some understanding and place with meaning beyond mormonism.

still don't drink or smoke. i even pay tithing as a means of insurance if i get in a bind. imagine my core values will be the same. however, i can see that i don't need the Church to give me an existence. i already found that meaning outside the pews.

dead internet zed, dead.

the online environment has lost its flair as house projects have consumed most of my time, and i have not the dedication to send out emails, postings, etc. in order to get something back.